Living City is a community education program based in the Cully Neighborhood of Northeast Portland.  We provide a unique garden transplant and seed subscription coordinated with training in organic gardening, cooking, and preserving your harvest.  Get in touch with the flow of Portland’s seasons with the plants, seeds and know-how to harvest all year long! Save money and relish some of the tastiest produce you’ll ever eat—your own!

Living City strives to be a carbon neutral, community-minded business and thus is bicycle-based, sources locally from other small businesses whenever possible, and minimizes the use of packaging. We apply our concern for the environment to all of our business practices, including using materials that are reclaimed or sustainably produced. Our commitment to social justice includes extensive volunteer work, food donations, and scholarships for this program.

We hope to contribute to the long-term resilience of our community by strengthening our local food system and helping people grow more food!