Core Program

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What you get with the core program:

  • 9 months of plants & seeds from local growers and seed savers
  • 10 hands on garden classes at our expert garden sites
  • 3 private site visits at your home garden to observe its unique qualities and direct you to garden success throughout the course
  • Garden materials - compost, complete organic fertilizer, twine, & trellis building materials
  • Monthly newsletter with helpful tips, updates, and important garden information
  • Year Round Garden Course Series Manual
  • Mentorship and support via e-mail and phone with your expert garden educators
  • Community building through group classes, work parties, and online group discussion
  • Knowledge and skills that will last you a lifetime!

List of Plants and Seeds 


Leeks, parsley, lettuce, arugula, chives, Egyptian walking onions, mustard greens, Asian greens, radishes, broccoli, kale, collards, cabbage, chard, spinach, lettuce, beets, runner, string, and fava beans, tomatoes, tomatillos, summer and winter squashes, cucumbers, carrots, sweet and hot peppers, eggplant, potatoes, parsnips, endive, peas, garlic

 Herbs and flowers:

Borage, chamomile, calendula, cilantro, marigolds, violets, dill, basil, mint, rosemary, sage, thyme, oregano, marjoram

2015 Year-round Course Series


Feb 14                Orientation, Soils, and Site Analysis, Sat. 1-4


Feb 28             Advanced Garden Planning, Sat 1-  3:30


March 7          Waking up the Garden, Sat 1-3:30


April 4           Composting and Better Garden Management, Sat 1-3:30


April TBA       Composting Outside the Box (Advanced), Sat 1-3:30


May 2            Honing your Skills and How to Harvest, Sat 1-3:30


June 4            Summer Garden Maintenance and Planning for the Winter Harvest, Thurs 6:00-8:30


July 2            Hot Weather Planting for Winter Eating, Thurs 6:00-8:30


Aug 6              Food Preservation Methods, Thurs 6:00-8:30


Sept 3rd            Growing Seeds for your Garden and Community, Thurs 6:00-8:30


Oct 3             Winterizing your Garden and Tool Maintenance, Saturday 3-5


 Class Location Key:

Rachel’s garden: 4446 NE Going Street (R.G.)

Why take the course series?

More than a list of classes, this is a program of study.  Students learn the skills needed to succeed in the season at hand and begin to understand the garden as an ecosystem.  The ten class series begins with two classes in the fall, the best time to prepare both new and established gardens in our rainy climate.  After a winter break, students begin a monthly class schedule in March.

A gardener encounters different challenges in every season, and the course reflects that.  In our gardens and yours, we will follow several crops, from seed to table, through these seasonal changes.  We support you in year-round gardening, connecting you with the seasonal and daily rhythms of the garden life and saving you money on your grocery bill!  Our students build skills and knowledge in planting and growing, learn how and when to harvest, and what to do with their harvest for fresh eating and preservation.

Every class includes time to ask questions, and problem-solve with the group.  With our guidance, you learn to address garden problems as they occur, and come up with effective, low cost natural solutions.  Course topics include suggestions for obtaining free or inexpensive materials through reuse and recycling.  Students become comfortable using outside resources for information, gaining tools for further learning and troubleshooting long after completing our program.

Classes are held in our home gardens, at 4446 NE Going Street and 4255 NE Alberta Street.

Program Costs

*monthly payment plans always available, scholarships also available*

 The Full Share Course Series : Plants and seeds for a 400 ft2 garden, course series manual, 10 classes, 3 private site visits to your garden, compost, complete organic fertilizer, mentorship office hours, garden accessories, and monthly newsletter:  $1080 ($108/mo)

The Half Share Course Series : Plants and seeds for a 200 ft2 garden, course series manual, 10 classes, 3 private site visits to your garden, compost, complete organic fertilizer, mentorship office hours, garden accessories, and monthly newsletter: $985.00  ($98.50/mo)

Plants-only Full Share: Plants and seeds for a 400 ft2  garden and course series manual. $315

 Plants-only Half Share: Plants and seeds for a 200 ft2 garden and course series manual: $225