Support and Mentorship

So, you’ve got your seeds, your plants, and your knowledge, but sometimes we all need a little bit more!  We want you to have a successful, efficient garden on a relatively small urban lot.   To that end, subscribers get materials for trellis building, and simple home remedies to help keep pests like slugs and aphids at bay.


Site visits:  We make one visit to your garden site to observe its unique qualities, and direct you towards garden success.  Scheduling will be first come, first served.  Additional site visits are available at a rate of $25/hr. from Handmade Gardens. In keeping with our commitment to minimizing our carbon footprint, these visits are made primarily by bicycle or public transit — if we cannot reach your site in 30 minutes there may be a charge for travel time.


Office hours:  For additional support between classes, we are available to answer your questions by telephone, for one hour during the week and one hour on weekends. We also maintain a listserv for participants to share thoughts and questions — we monitor the questions weekly and will add our thoughts as appropriate.


Demonstration:  We plant and tend a subscription right along with you in our demonstration plot.  This plot serves as a learning tool and a reference through the seasons.


Community Building:  We organize several class potlucks and work parties throughout the year.  Learn to organize work parties yourself and build gardening and food-sharing ties in your own neighborhood.


Monthly newsletter:  Between classes, newsletters provide reminders and tips to help you plant for continuous harvest, harvest at the peak of plant nutrition, and meet seasonal challenges.  Newsletters also offer timely, simple recipes for cooking and preserving your bounty.  The newsletter is available in print or email form.


Still want a little more help? Personal garden consultations are available at a discounted rate from Rachel Friefelder through Handmade Gardens.